• Your context

    Growths, restructurings, mergers, transfers, downsizings, HR performances

    Options-RH provides you years of experiences in various sectors

  • Missions

    Because potential and expectation of people evolve

    Options-RH builds with you a dedicated HR solution

  • Our teams

    Because organisations are changing

    Our experts support your projects

  • Missions

    Because each organisation and each project is unique

    Options-RH proposes you solutions to your organisations

  • Our values

    To guarantee you perfect achievement of your projects

    Options-RH brings you competencies, quality of service and availability

Social engineering and change management

Options-RH Helps leaders in their social management or restructuring projects
Offers operational support to leaders of groups located outside of France, in the social management of their French teams and subsidiary

Assessment and skills development

To identify an organization or profession’s “critical skills”
To evaluate, train and coach your collaborators and teams, develop their skills and improve their performance

360° T&I Evaluations®

Individual evaluation to Team evaluation


Search and selection of technicians, managers and executives

Options-RH is for the group and its subsidiary :

Support of multi-skilled experts (HR, legal, communication, change management)

Local and unrelated to the company

  • who help you throughout your major operation
  • who you can question at any time
  • who can act operationally in support of the parent company or the French subsidiary.

The assistance of HR professionals with solid experience in change management and the management of French companies and multinational groups, who help you at each stage of your company’s social life.