360° T&I Evaluations® examples

Objectives : To be the human-resources benchmark for the Italian holding company of a pharmaceutical distribution unit in France, and provide HR support for the subsidiary’s General Manager.

Approach and tools :

  • Monthly on-site follow-up
  • Annual meeting with the Group
  • Periodic work with the various members of the Management team through telephone calls and e-mails.

Sector : Pharmaceutical industryceutique

Objectives : To coach the GM through the entire social part involved in a 20% downsizing, the change in Shareholders and the integration into the new company.

Constraints : To a change in Shareholders took place during consultations with the Work Committee on Downsizing.

Approach and tools :

  • Work on the social strategy
  • Preparation of internal and external communication
  • Preparation of relations with elected staff representatives and Labour Ministry representatives
  • Writing of Books IV and III of the Labour Code
  • Implementation of decisions

Sector : Professional software industry