Recruitment examples

Objectives : To identify “critical” skills needed for a chosen professions, and then :

  • Evaluate people likely to exercise these professions
  • Provide these people with training designed to fill the gaps noted

Approach and tools : Collaborate with HRM’s and people exercising these professions. Interviews, writing down skills…

Sectors : Industry, insurance

Objectives : To conceive and develop a “Skills Development Guide” for “Manager” and “Project Manager” positions

Constraints :

  • To define, for each skill, concrete development actions which each key personnel can implement
  • To offer a number of types of development actions and several reference sources (books, websites, articles…), in order to take into account the various training styles

Approach and tools : Collaborate with the professions involved

Objectives : To coach the holding company and the French leader through the entire social part involved in the acquisition (transfers, new by-laws, new organisation, implementation and animation of the staff’s representative institutions, …)

Constraints : Transition from a culture inherited from a large historical French group to one arisen from a large Californian start-up.

Approach and tools :

- Work on the social strategy
- Communication with new shareholders
- Negotiation with parties of interest
- Delegation of power by shareholders to solve local managerial difficulties

 Sector : Production and commercialisation of medical products