Assessment and skills development

Options-RH helps companies identify,
assess, and develop skills and people.

Identification of skills

Options-RH assists companies in identifying the critical skills
necessary for an effective organization with significant
performance from its employees.

By using recognized and approved assessment tools
and following a strict methodology.


Assessment of skills

Options-RH assists companies and organizations in assessing
the skills of their current or future employees, to :

  • prepare for a future organization;
  • detect possible candidates for future promotions;
  • define individual or collective development plans;
  • increase individual and team performance, etc…

By using recognized and approved assessment tools and following a strict methodology:

  • skills audit
  • 360° T&I Evaluations®
  • individual and crossed interviews…
  • MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), SDI®
  • etc…


Development of skills

The assessment of skills is not an end unto itself; rather, it is the essential starting point for the development of people’s skills and talents, once they are aware of and have identified their own assets and possible areas of improvement.

Options-RH accompanies the evolution of the men and women in the company by:

  • designing and implementing adapted training courses
  • coaching people and teams in the definition and implementation of their “development plan” after an assessment of their skills following :
    - an assessment or development center
    - a 360° T&I Evaluations®
    - situation simulations or role-play
  • coaching people and teams at key moments of their career.