Skills assessment

Take stock of your skills and abilities.
Set a skills or training project.

Skills assessment is a right open to employees with more than five years of service and one in their company.

Its purpose is to provide tools for making the right decisions in a process of internal or external mobility

Our principles and values:

With the skills assessment, the role of OPTIONS-RH is:

  • To help the person to improve,
  • To lead to a solid, realistic and achievable goal with the aspirations of the employee,
  • To provide full support, accompany,
  • To ensure confidentiality.


To conduct skills assessment, OPTIONS-RH is based on a methodology: ROCA ©: Skills and Aspirations Operational Directory.

It is an approach based on:

  • 2 hours face to face interviews
  • A tool for self-knowledge : a personality questionnaire (MBTI ®)
  • Making progress with each interview
  • Personal work to be completed between each interview


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