Social engineering and change management

Restructurings, Mergers, Transfers,

Options-RH helps CEO’s, General Managers
and Human-Resources Managers conceive, analyse
and implement social-management projects during
the major operations:

  • Evaluate a social situation
  • Define change strategies
  • Operationally implement decisions
  • Execute restructuring and collective dismissal Plans
    (book III and book IV).

 Operational Assistance for Foreign Groups

  • While they are setting up
  • In day-to-day management, or during extraordinary operations
  • Helping the parent company when starting up or resuming activities
  • Assisting them in their development, or helping them solve problems.

 Options-RH helps General Managers and Human-Resources Managers of Groups located outside of France.

  • To provide a HR follow-up of their subsidiary in France
  • To help them understand the social-issue particularities of company management in France
  • To evaluate the decisions proposed by the French subsidiary or considered by the parent company
  • To implement the decisions taken in the subsidiary
  • To solve the practical issues managing a subsidiary outside the parent company’s country can present
  • To advise the Group or the subsidiary on those opportunities which the French system may offer


Options-RH assists General Managers and Human-Resources Managers of French subsidiaries in preparing and defending their projects before the parent company.

Operating Performance : Advice and Strategy

Options-RH is a human-resource consultancy company created by former HRM’s and consisting of consultants from the business world with a huge range of expertise to assist you with operational and technical issues.

Our goal is to provide our expertise and methodology enabling the delivery of successful projects:

  • Business Strategy
  • Effectiveness and organizational performance
  • Project Management
  • Industrial organization
  • Quality
  • Lean management
  • Purchases

  • Logistic
  • Information system 
  • Sustainable development 
  • HR
  • Communication
  • Marketing,
  • ...







With our support in each of these areas we can improve your organisation and move forward with new confidence.

Change management : Conceive and implement transformation projects

Options-RH Helps CEO's, General Managers and Human-Resources Managers in their transformation projects during major operations (new strategy, restructuring, etc…)